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Phd Student on the ancestral and unceded land of the Tongva @ UCLA; Instructor on Payaya/Coahuiltecan lands @ UTSA

My work situates colonialism and settler colonialism as central forces in the creation and maintenance of computer and internet technologies and their attendant material infrastructures.

My feminist pedagogical praxis signals a commitment to understanding the intersections of systemic forms of oppression and working towards a just future.

Please contact me with inquires or opportunities for speaking engagements.

Current Projects


ASA 2018, "Designing for Decolonization?: Indigenous Sovereignty, Critical Infrastructure Studies, and the Digital Humanities"

NWSA 2018, "Imagining Just Technologies: Indigenous Feminisms and The Cyborg"


Book Review, Network Sovereignty: Building the Internet across Indian Country by Marisa Elena Duarte (Yaqui)

Book Review, Weaponizing Maps: Indigenous Peoples and Counterinsurgency in the Americas by Joe Bryan & Denis Wood

Digital Projects

Race and Deaths in Custody, PI: Sherene Razack
"We analyze deaths in custody to reveal their racial underpinnings."

The Racial Violence Hub, PI: Sherene Razack
"This site creates a virtual community of feminist critical race scholars, artists, activists, and organizations working on issues of racial violence and the state."

Digital Humanities Portfolio

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“DecolonizationĀ brings about the repatriation of Indigenous land and life;
it isĀ not a metaphor…”

Eve Tuck (Unangax) and K. Wayne Yang

The Native Women’s Collective is a grassroots nonprofit organization that supports the continued growth of Native American arts and culture through public education, workshops, exhibits, research, cultural preservation projects, programs and technical assistance.

Indigenous Science, Technology, and Society (Indigenous STS) is an international research and teaching hub, housed at the University of Alberta…Indigenous STS is committed to building and supporting techno-scientific projects and ways of thinking that promote Indigenous self-determination.